Memorial Day Fun.

So Monday was Memorial Day. We had great weather. Slightly overcast but warm, but not too hot.  Just a bit of sun and breeze. Every year our church has it’s annual picnic at a nearby Nat’l Park, complete with lake, boats, tables, etc.  Always lots of fun.

One of the teen girls came over to talk to me…she was trying to figure out a way to get her grandma wet. Oddly enough, Gab had brought a bag of water balloons. Most had popped (in my car!!!) on the way up, but there were still a few left. I got them for her and smiled. Then hubby and I walked down to the lake where Gab and Pierce were with a bunch of friends.

Later, on our way back to the picnic site, I noticed the lady, Ginnie, was wet all down her back. Innocently, I asked what happened. She said, “Oh, you know! You’re the guilty one that gave Ashley the water balloon!!”

We joked back and forth for a few minutes then I walked over to our spot. Paul had the baby and I had a drink (an unopened bottle of water) in hand.  Ginnie decided that was a great moment to splash her water bottle on me. I tried to open my water quickly, but she had the upper hand. I got quite wet. Luckily, I got her back, though, so we were both a little soggy.

Long story short, after plotting for awhile, we got a few other people soaked. So by the end of the mass water fight, there was a total of 9 people that got wet, including myself. Great fun 😀

When the picnic was over, dh and I did burgers on the grill at home and went out for ice cream. All in all, a very nice Monday.

Unfortunately Tuesday decided to be Monday…I went out to my car to pick up Gab from school and noticed my tire was flat. I called dh and he took care of Gab and her orthodontist appt and then the tire. So Monday really decided to sneak in and take over Tuesday. Oh, well….such is life 🙂