Soccer Registration Today!

Today is registration for fall soccer. Gab missed the deadline last year but she played the 2 years before. She’s excited to get back in the game.

And the extra-exciting part is, Pierce is old enough to play!! He made the age cut off by 6 days…we were so close to not getting him in this year. Good thing he was born 2 weeks early 😀

I’m totally stoked for this. The little tiny kids are always so cute on the little field, swarming the ball like a bunch of moths to a flame. And Pierce is such a complex kid…I could see him pouting on the side or right in the middle kicking the ball.

This fall will be plenty busy, for sure. With 2 of 3 kids in soccer, we’ll constantly be at the practices and games. But it’ll be so much fun. Can’t wait to see them play!!