Migraines Suck.

If you don’t want any whine with your cheese today, this probably isn’t the post to read.  You’ve been forewarned.

Today is the first day I’ve woken up without a migraine. Yay for that, I guess…kinda, in a weird, twisted way. It didn’t set in until about 10:30am. I’d forgotten what it was like to not have my head hurt around the clock. It was nice. For a couple hours.

If you’re tempted to ask why am I not on anything specific for migraines (preventative or heavy-duty pain killers), I’ll curb your curiosity. We’re ttc our 4th and last child. Which means I can’t be on anything like that.

So Excedrine Migraine it is. And lots of it. I really should buy stock in the company. But if the gov’t has its way, tylenol (whatever that’s made out of….I forget at the moment) will be banned so there goes my happy mix of drugs.

Oh, well….wish me luck ttc this month. My headaches/migraines go away during pgcy then when it’s over, I can play guinea pig with the dr’s and all their happy drugs 🙂

If you read all this, I praise your resiliency.

5 comments to Migraines Suck.

  • From one migraine sufferer to another, I hope they ease up soon. I went to bed early monday night with one.

    Good luck ttc baby #4! Hope you conceive quickly.

    I don’t know what I’ll do if they take Excederin Migraine off the market. The prescribed meds weird me out and I can’t function well on them.
    .-= Chele´s last blog ..The Guys Inshore Fishing Trip =-.

    • Thanks… for the headache wishes and baby, too. This is month 9 of ttc so I hope it’s soon.

      I know what will happen if they take ExcMigr off…our heads will pop off and our brains will explode. Fun stuff, these migraines.

  • shannon

    I was just going through some more research for Grits and Grace cookbook mini-launches and was looking over your web-site and then moved on to your blog! I am so sorry you are gong through that kind of pain. I had probably the worst migraines I ever had during the first 3 months of my 2nd pregnancy. The doctors said it was hormone induced…whatever…I finally reached the stage of unable to function due to the dibilitating/blinding pain and had to go on medication. I was able to resurface slowly and they faded away about 2 weeks into my 2nd trimester. You and your family will be in my prayers. Thanks for all you’ve done for the Service League. Shannon Lester

    • Migraines during pgcy is miserable….I was lucky enough to avoid them with mine. Thx for the well wishes and prayers 🙂

  • I hope you are feeling better soon and good luck with TTC. I hope it happens quickly and easily for you.
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