Trying to Keep Busy

Yesterday I decided to rip up the old carpet on the stairs.  Our stupid kitten had peed on the landing numerous times, and despite a lot of scrubbing, it just was gross.  So out it went.

If you remember from previous posts about our house, you’ll know it was built in the 1920’s. And old farm house. So over the years, when something would look old, the owners would cover it up instead of remodeling it.

Of course that means we’re stuck with remodeling layers of…..whatever we’re working on.

So I pulled up the carpet. Just one section so only one section looks awful at a time 😀

Underneath, the edges are white. In the middle is a dark brown/orange rubbery runners that had been glued down (and nailed in spots). So I pulled that off the landing as well and scrubbed the wood under that. So that area is glue leftovers. Not nice and white like the edges. Which is what I was predicting. A little more work than I had planned, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. It needs to be sanded down and repainted (or stained but for now I’m thinking painted).

There’s a lot going on in my mind lately, stuff I’m stressing a little. Working on the house (or garden) helps. That and taking the boys out to play a few times a day (morning, before dinner, evening before bed) is good self-therapy 🙂