No, I’m Not Dead.

I’m alive and well. Just have a new addiction. Facebook, still. *sigh*  I only have so many minutes a day to be on the computer and it all goes to keeping crops, fish, and pets alive! It’s disturbing how a fake corn crop trumps a real blog.

It’s been a busy summer….chickens, gardens, parties , bbq’s and vacation…now back to school and soccer for Gab and Pierce. Yep, we got the kids into soccer. This is her 3rd year, his first. He made the age deadline by 6 days, so he’s by far the youngest. The kids are 4-5 yrs old, 1st and 2nd year players. I think he’s the only 1st year player on his team.

Gab starts middle school Tuesday. I’m ok with that….I’m used to her going to school every year. What will be rough is when Pierce goes into K next year. Nope, no pre-K this year. Just not a big believer in it.

I do have pics of soccer and chickens somewhere, I just have to figure out how to get to them….