Turkey Day Countdown!

One of my brothers contacted me on FB saying there was nothing new here…Now, sisters and parents are one thing…but when my BROTHERS complain, it’s another ballgame. 😛

So far, life is still good. Our Easter Egger chickens are slowly producing their green eggs, and one of the “she” birds turned out to be a “he” bird, so now we have a rooster. Before the sex change, its name was Tiger. I’ve since changed it to “Stupid Chicken.” Because when he crows at 6am or is parading in the neighbor’s yard, that’s all I think…stupid chicken.

Of course, Pierce doesn’t know how to spell and thinks “stupid” is a naughty word, so we spell s-t-u-p-i-d. He’s learning how to spell “stupid” before he knows what we’re spelling.  Quite amusing to us.

Kids had a great soccer season.  One of the coaches (for next year-Gab moves up a level) made me promise to sign her up next year…he’s hand-picking his team and wants Gabby. She’s proud and humbled…proud he wants her and humbled because she knows he has high expectations.

Dean is doing great…he’ll be 18 months old soon and is a bundle of fun. Whatever his big brother does, he does, and he doesn’t let the 3 years age difference matter.

TWO days to Thanksgiving! and my turkey is still frozen, so I’m in a bit of panic mode with that. Every thing else is planned and bought. I guess if the turkey doesn’t work out, I’ll send Paul out to find Stupid Chicken.

One of my sisters is coming tomorrow with her dh and 2 kids…My kids are completely stoked and ready to have cousins come. It’s a rare treat to have family out (and to have us go visit) so we’re planning on a lot of food and a lot of fun. I’m planning on all the side dishes (sweet potatoes, casserole, rolls, etc.) and 7 pies…I figure 7 MIGHT be enough 😀    2 pumpkin, 2 pecan, 2 apple and a banana cream.

I’m gonna try and put up a couple pics…one of the 2 boys and one of a friend of ours holding Stupid Chicken.

There ya go, Jared…a whole post just for you 😀