What a Week!!

A week ago (on Sunday) I found out my best friend’s mom had passed away from cancer. The funeral was to be held in Utah and I knew I had to go.  So Tuesday (at 3am) I left for Utah.  My bff and I have been friends since we were 6…I’m not gonna do the math, but it’s been a long time…almost our whole lives. Her mom was my second mom growing up and an amazing person.

Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed with a sister in the northern part of Utah.  The funeral/burial was in southern on Thursday. So both my sisters and I drove down. Long story short, I rode back to northern Utah on Friday with my niece and her new fiance.  We had a nice drive and I don’t think I traumatized the guy too badly.

Saturday most of my fam went to Temple Square for the lights then to dinner at Olive Garden and Sunday I came home.

Seriously a long, stressful week. Paul’s parents took care of the kids during the day and he (obviously) had them when he wasn’t at work. He’s glad I’m home!