Interesting Things in Interesting Places…

We’ve taught our kids when they’re done with a dish, to load it in the dishwasher. As soon as they understand language, that’s one thing they learn. Same with throwing trash in the trash can.

Dean loves watching me do laundry. He loves throwing clothes in the washer.

So today our darling 21-month-old decided to put a few ideas together.

He put a couple shoes in the dishwasher. Pierce’s shoes. He (Pierce) went to put a dish in the dishwasher and laughed and said, “Why did Dean put my shoes in here?”

Funny thing was, if I were going to put shoes in, I would have put them in in the same way he did.

Then I noticed a pink comb in with the silverware. Good place for a comb as well.

I just don’t know whether he meant to be funny (he’s a goofball) or if he really thought he was helping. It was cute, either way, and Pierce and I quietly put the shoes and comb in their proper places.