We finally received word from the agency we chose. We were denied.

They said the group they work with in Ethiopia does not accept applications from Mormons.

They have the right to decide of course, but with so many children that need a home, I don’t think it’s right to base a decision by a church the applicant belongs to.

So we did a little more research and found another agency that will hopefully work out. We send our application in today so hopefully in a week we’ll know.

Yep, another wait….sigh.

3 comments to Disappointed.

  • Seriously?!?! That to me is ridiculous. Have they heard of the Osmonds, the closest family that sticks together through thick and thin? Big loving families need not apply, should be their motto. Shouldn’t they have told you upfront about that? Don’t give up-and praying for better news this time around.
    .-= kden´s last blog ..Heartbreak 101 =-.

  • They said we were the first Mormons that applied (through them) to Ethiopia. I was really surprised; that’s why they didn’t tell us up front.
    Thanks for the kind words; we’re definitely not ready to give up.

  • Lynell

    I’m speechless after reading this. We will continue to pray for you all. Hopeful the next agency will have good news 🙂