Vertigo….Not Just for Hitchcock.

A week ago, Paul was feeling really dizzy….long story short, the doctor said it’s vertigo.  Dizziness for no reason, basically, with no real time line to when it should get better.

I’m really surprised how many people have this from time to time. About half the people I talk to have this or their spouse does. For something that’s so common, I’m wondering why it’s not talked about more!

Recently I read (somewhere) that 2-3% of ER visits are due to vertigo.

Anyway, I just think it’s strange…and I hope it goes away soon.

3 comments to Vertigo….Not Just for Hitchcock.

  • Rose

    I’ve known people to get allergy-induced vertigo (seasonal allergies). I also have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Menier’s disease; definitely hope it’s not that! Good luck!

  • I have a friend with Menier’s as well…I’m certainly hoping it’s not that, too. And thanks for the luck 🙂

  • Count me in too Signe! Mine started about 3 years ago while painting the kitchen. My head was in very awkward positions which can move around the little crystals in your ear. You will probably read about this the more you study it. I also agree with Rose and the seasonal allergies. Although I don’t have allergies I usually get hit in the Spring with an attach of the dizzies. So far this year I’ve been good. If I feel a little something coming on I take Sudafed, an allergy medication and do sinus rinses. It does help a little. It’s an awful feeling not to be able to walk around the house without hanging on to something. My attacks usually lasted about 4 days with 2 of them being real bad. I’ll be thinking about your husband and pray that he feels better soon.
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