Dossier Guide

We decided to send for our dossier guide…the paperwork that goes to Ethiopia for the government’s approval.

Wanna see how fun it is? Surprisingly enough, it’s less than we had for the home study. We are accepting volunteers to do this for us 🙂

  • letter indicating why we want to adopt (done)
  • birth certificates for both parents (done)
  • marriage certificate (done)
  • “good conduct” clearance letters for both parents, notarized by police department
  • medical report for both parents, signed and notarized by dr (done)
  • 2 home study reports
  • letter of employment verification (notarized by employer) (this week)
  • letter from bank indicating good standing (notarized by banker)
  • letter from life insurance company
  • letter from health insurance, indicating policy for adoption coverage
  • 3 letters of recommendation from friends/family, signed and notarized by friends/family
  • obligation of adoption-reporting, notarized
  • verification from United States Citizen and Immigration Services with approval to adopt
  • passport photos (done)
  • photocopies of passports
  • power of attorney; 3 copies, signed and notarized
  • copies of past 2 years tax returns (working on it today)