I got an interesting e-mail yesterday. Our adoption agency asked how far along I was in our dossier…I told her we only need a couple more things (which I hope to get this week) and then the home study interviews.

She said great, is there a way we could finish within 2 weeks…2 WEEKS!?! It normally takes 3 months! The reason she’s asking is she’s traveling to Ethiopia and it would be easier/faster if she could take our dossier with her for authentication and acceptance.

So I forwarded the mail to our home study agency and hope to hear today. I’m expecting to read, “Less than 2 weeks? It takes 3 months, a month if we really push it. Impossible. Sorry.”

But I’m hoping I read, “Wow, that’s really tight and it’s gonna be tough, but let’s try.”

This could shave 2-4 months off our adoption and could make having a baby by Christmas a reality!

So I’m a little nervy until I get the news…expecting a no, but SOOO hoping for a yes!