Why So Complicated?

So as time goes by and the adoption progresses, I’ve been getting more and more excited. It feels like a pregnancy, minus the physical uncomforts (yay!!).

And since we’re going to try and get a girl, my mind turns pink…pink ruffles, dresses, shoes, dolls, books….etc.

Oh, dolls….*sigh*

I decided to get this girl a doll. A little black dolly she can carry around and sleep with. And I’m picky…don’t want a hard-body one, or an eat-&-pee doll…just a cute soft little doll.

It’s not been easy. We don’t live anywhere near a Toys R Us, so I decided to look at Wal Mart. NONE! NO black dolls. Yes, they have Barbies, but no dolls. I decided to order a Cabbage Patch doll when the time comes. Very cute.

Last week I tried looking in the local book store for books…same problem. It’s hard to find a book centered around a black/African girl. I think I’ll have to go to a city (D.C. or Baltimore) to a big bookstore to find what I want.

I know there’s no way I can put myself in my future daughter’s shoes every day, but I’m beginning to get a taste of what our future will be like.

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  • When Peter was born, Anna got a black baby from Karin. It was a great doll, soft squishy body, we still have it, it is pretty special to Anna. I think it came from amazon. Good luck with the search, and if there is anything I can do let me know! Congratulations, we are very excited for you!!!
    .-= tracy´s last blog ..Tilapia =-.

  • Thanks! I may send you on a “search and find” someday 🙂

  • Karin

    Laugh…I was thinking about that doll we sent Anna as I read your post…I’ll see if I can still find it in my Amazon history (goodness…things live on there forever!)

    I do empathize with you! Two of our older boys arrived just days before Easter. They were 7 and 8 at the time…we decided we wanted to give them Bibles with their Easter baskets, so off I went to the local Christian book store… There was a HUGE section of kids Bibles…all with ‘Precious Moments’-esque, lily white illustrations. I found *one* style with a reasonable amount of ambiguously ethnic tinted children…bought two of them.

  • Karin

    Ok…looked at my Amazon history. The baby I sent Anna was called “Newborn baby–so real (African American)” and they no longer carry it. Here’s a link to another one with good reviews.


    I think I also sent Anna these puppets, but I’m not sure how they looked ‘for real’. Oh gosh…I just saw the ‘listed price’ for them…Tracy, if you still have them, you could resell for a nice profit!


    Amazon/online resources really will be your friend! Would you be interested in connecting with friends of ours who adopted older children from Ethiopia? Let me know here or through FB.

    • Cute dolls! Thanks for the links. I’m sure online will be the key for us…we’re so far out in the boonies!
      I’d definitely like to talk to others who’ve adopted. Thanks!