Good Home Study Visit/Interview!!

Paul and I went to our home study office today and met with the social worker. He’s been in adoptions for 23 years (phD in social work I think it was) doing interviews, counseling, and placements. And he also has 2 adopted sons!

He said his job today was to “scare you so you run out the door.” He wanted to make sure we’re firm and ready to adopt internationally.  Luckily, at the end of the interview, he passed us and told us he wished he could place with us 🙂

He’ll be out to our house in a few weeks to talk to the kids and see what kind of an area we live in.  Then he’ll write up his report and, I’m guessing, by the end of May we’ll send our dossier in for authentication!

So it was a good day! Another step up the adoption ladder.