Stalled Out But Still Busy!

We’re at a lull in the adoption process for the moment. We’re waiting on our 2nd (and final) home study visit which will be in a couple weeks.

But life still goes on! My husband’s grandma died last week, so he’s going to Wisconsin for the funeral this week.

Next week Gab heads out to Utah for her cousin’s wedding.

And amidst those things, there’s band concerts, hair appointments, dr appointments, a few church get-togethers, parties for me to plan out (2 for church, 1 for the boys)…..sigh….

Unfortunately most of things are just on my mind and not to the point of being able to put into action. This is a frustrating thing for me. So I’m left feeling a little anxious….so much to do and I have to just sit and wait for the days to come!