Explosion at Paul’s Job…

For those that don’t know, Paul works around explosives. Not hands on; he’s IT. He takes care of computers in explosive buildings at times. I don’t often think it’s dangerous since most of the time he’s “on the hill” and away from the “plant buildings.”  ATK  puts together rocket fuel and various ammunition (if I remember it right).

Yesterday I was getting dinner ready and heard a BOOM and the house shook just a bit. I thought it was a branch falling on the roof or something heavy falling upstairs. But it came from a non-specific area so I couldn’t put my finger on it. I briefly looked out the window and the thought crossed my mind, “I wonder if something at work blew up.” But the thought came and went since I didn’t see a mushroom cloud or smoke.

A little while later, Gab (who was at her grandparent’s house) called, but the phones weren’t working well. I called her back and they had heard the boom as well, so I knew it wasn’t a tree.

After a little while later, Paul called and said he was ok. I thought, “Ok, good to know…why are you telling me though?”  He told me there had been an explosion but he was ok and wanted me to call his parents and tell them.

Two and a half hours later he was finally able to come home. His work had blocked off the road outgoing to talk to people and make sure everyone was accounted for. I’m glad they were so careful; safety really is a big deal there. Paul (and others of course) have certain shoes they have to wear in certain buildings.

Paul told me that the buildings are designed to blow up a certain way to reduce the risk of people getting killed and injured should one do just that. There was no one in the building at the time (it was close to 5pm). There were 2 minor injuries…one was flown to the hospital, the other went in an ambulance, but both were released.

Quite a few friends called me to ask if Paul was ok; it’s good to know if something would have happened to him, I wouldn’t have been alone. And next time there’s a boom, I’ll probably be a little more paranoid.