Quick Update.

Not much going on right now. Still waiting, but September is the estimated month that we should get a referral, so I’m praying hard!

We got our USCIS approval today, so that’s a big load off.

A few weeks after we sent in our form, I got a letter back from them saying our dossier was not complete and needed to be re-done. I was freakin’ out!! So stressed. I called our home study guy and told him what was going on, faxed him the letter and he mailed the revised copy the next day to us. Unfortunately, the mail seemed slower than normal and it took a week to get it. Then, of course, we had to make a copy for ourselves and send the original to USCIS and hope it was good enough. Finally, after 3 weeks of stressing out over it, we got the approval.

Now I will mail a copy to our adoption agency and then we continue to wait for our referral.