Potty Training, Child #3

Oh, the dreaded potty-training. Visions of wet beds, poopy underwear and soggy bum prints in the car seat.

When we were training Pierce, it was a few months before Dean was born (he was a little over 2 1/2 yrs).  And when Dean made his appearance and so much time and attention went to him instead of Pierce, Pierce’s potty habits regressed. Noticeably.

Dean will be 2 1/2 next month. And we’ll be gone for a week in December and again in January or February. So rather than deal with digression, we decided to wait until after we bring our new baby home. Logical right?

Dean disagrees.

He decided yesterday, he wanted to wear underwear.

I thought, Oh, how cute! Especially after he had them on 30 seconds and immediately took them off and insisted he have his diaper back.

But a few hours later, he wanted his undies back. So, being cynical (since I obviously know everything having trained 2 kids already) I knew it would last, at most, an hour.

He went 5 hours with no accidents. Frequently he’d run over to his little plastic Pooh bear potty and say “Pee!” and go pee. Or not. But he’d try.

Ok, Paul & I thought, this kid is just training himself! He watches his big brother and knows what to do.

This morning, I asked Dean if he wanted new undies from the store. YEAH! he shouted and said, “Blue!” So off we went and bought Toy Story and Cars undies.

He’s had them on all day so far (but since he took a nap in my bed, I did use a diaper then) with no accidents. He didn’t even pee in the diaper during nap time (though he did during the store trip).

He woke up from his nap and walked to me, undies in hand, grinning.

Amazing…I actually have a kid that is training himself.