November is National Adoption Month.

I wish each good family that had even the possibility of making room in their home would open their eyes to the world of the orphan.

I wish I could shake people and make them see what I and so many others have seen in orphanages.

I wish they could feel the yanks on their heart strings (trust me, it’s more than a slight tug) when 10-year-old boys so excitedly run up to them with pink flowered flip-flops to show them off because of how proud they are to have new shoes.

I wish everyone could go to a country and see naked toddlers living on the side of the road as their mother washes their only shirt in a mud puddle.

There are so many excellent and trustworthy people who are willing to take a few bucks fromĀ  you and put the food it buys directly in a child’s mouth, not their own.

You need to watch this. Depraved indifference.

You need to see this.

Then you can DO THIS.

Look at your own child who has all the food, milk, & clothes they need and imagine your child sitting in an orphanage or foster care waiting if they’ll ever have a mom or dad to take care of them again.

There are many grants, fund-raising programs, and low-interest loans “out there.” Too many for anyone who can MAKE room in their house to have an money as an excuse to not adopt.

And if you really can’t adopt, then help. Send money by way of Hope Arising or another honest organization. You would be shocked how far your money can stretch to feed a child.