So while the adoption is moving along, there’s always life moving right along with it.

Today was parent-teacher conference day for both Gab & Pierce.

We went to Pierce’s teacher first…I wasn’t sure what to expect. Anyone that knows him knows he’s either fire or ice, black or white, angelic or…well…not so much 😉

I […]

We have a referral!!!

Thursday night, (2 days ago) I was doing a spa night for the teen girls at church. Paul was out of town all week so I had the boys with me, and Gab as my lovely assistant.

Midway through my phone rang…I saw a 435 area code (Utah) and figured it was my sister, so […]

Quick Update.

Not much going on right now. Still waiting, but September is the estimated month that we should get a referral, so I’m praying hard!

We got our USCIS approval today, so that’s a big load off.

A few weeks after we sent in our form, I got a letter back from them saying our dossier […]

Remember the Texas Country Reporter?

I remember when I lived in Texas growing up, my parents would watch this guy every once in a while. So when I found him on YouTube, it was really exciting! It just brought back a lot of memories of what I consider home. The culture, the flags everywhere, the accents, and the warmth that […]

Poor Dean

Yesterday Dean got is 2 month old shots. Two in each leg and an oral vaccine. He took them rather well. He cried for a little while, but after a couple minutes of rocking him and cuddling him he settled down. The problem arose at 2:45pm.

He was taking a nap; I was cuddling him […]