Home Study Pt 2 & Ethiopian Names

We got a call from our home study agency that all our paperwork made it safely…the last 2 documents needed to be sent by other people, and those ones took the longest.

So, next week we have our first appointment and phase 2 begins!! We have an office visit, just Paul & I. I’m a […]


I got an interesting e-mail yesterday. Our adoption agency asked how far along I was in our dossier…I told her we only need a couple more things (which I hope to get this week) and then the home study interviews.

She said great, is there a way we could finish within 2 weeks…2 WEEKS!?! It […]

DONE with Home Study Paperwork!!


Tomorrow morning I’m going to the post office to mail off our paperwork for the home study. I’m so excited to be done with that! The stack of paper ended up being 2 inches thick πŸ˜€

“On to the next!”

Dossier Guide

We decided to send for our dossier guide…the paperwork that goes to Ethiopia for the government’s approval.

Wanna see how fun it is? Surprisingly enough, it’s less than we had for the home study. We are accepting volunteers to do this for us πŸ™‚

letter indicating why we want to adopt (done) birth certificates for […]

Vertigo….Not Just for Hitchcock.

A week ago, Paul was feeling really dizzy….long story short, the doctor said it’s vertigo. Dizziness for no reason, basically, with no real time line to when it should get better.

I’m really surprised how many people have this from time to time. About half the people I talk to have this or their spouse […]

New Adoption Tax Credit/Refund!!!

Yesterday, Paul and I read wonderful news.It’s spreading like wildfire through the adoption community.

“Specifically, the provisions contained in the health care bill include:

The current adoption tax credit has been extended until the end of 2011; The value of the adoption tax credit has been increased from $12,170 to $13,170. The increase is β€œretroactive,” […]

Added a New Page!

Please check out my new page, ” Fundraiser FHE Chart”….and even better, order one πŸ˜€

(yes, I know that was shameless, but I had to!)

Fingerprinting…last of the big Home Study stuff.

So tomorrow Paul & I are going to go get our FBI & state fingerprinting done.

We have to clear the background check, which won’t be any problem at all. Paul’s had so many security clearances done and they’ve checked me out, being his wife. Plus there’s nothing terribly interesting anyway πŸ˜‰

This is the […]

Adoption Update!

Sooooo….we finally heard back from the adoption agency! They accepted our application…exciting and nerve-wracking.

Our home study agency is great, too…lots of paperwork, but they’ve been very gracious about all my questions πŸ˜€

We’re almost done with the home study paperwork…we’re waiting on a doctor’s appointment and some birth certificates to come back, driving records […]

Yard Sale!!

So to raise money for the adoption, one of the things we’re going to do is hold a yard sale. Paul said I can sell what I want (Yay!!) so the baby boy clothes and all the baby stuff is going.

We told the agency we want a girl under 2, but are a little […]