Yee-Haw, Baby!

Cowboy rules for:

Arizona, Texas , Colorado , Oklahoma , New Mexico , Wyoming , Montana , Utah , Idaho, Nevada and the rest of the Wild West are as follows:

1. Pull your pants up. You look like an idiot.

2. Turn your cap […]

Garden’s Producing :)

Yesterday I was finally able to pick food out of the garden! We got a zucchini and a cucumber. We’ve been getting a couple green beans a day, but this is the first big stuff.

So today is zucchini bread-making day. Two loaves…one in the freezer, one to keep out and eat. And that’s what […]

Back From Vacay!

It’s amazing how quickly 2 weeks and a few days can go by! It seemed like every day was over before it began.

We stayed in Wyoming with my parents for a few days first. They have 2 llamas, 2 mini horses and 2 big horses and a bunch of sheep. And a few dogs […]

Honey’s Leaving. Jealous.

Sunday my dh is going to Texas for a week. I was very jealous. But after I made him promise to bring back a few things, I think I’ll be ok 🙂

Sunday is also his birthday, poor guy. So tonight we did the steaks on the grill and birthday cake thing for him. Tomorrow […]

To Triathlon or to Chicken Out?

One of my sisters called me today…she was wondering if I want to do a triathlon with her when we go out there (to UT) this summer. She tried to convince me it would be lots of fun. *sigh*

So now I have to decide. I’m not worried about the biking or running. It’s the […]

Memorial Day Fun.

So Monday was Memorial Day. We had great weather. Slightly overcast but warm, but not too hot. Just a bit of sun and breeze. Every year our church has it’s annual picnic at a nearby Nat’l Park, complete with lake, boats, tables, etc. Always lots of fun.

One of the teen girls came over to […]

Middle School Orientation!

Last night was middle school orientation for our dd. It was nice to see the school and her classrooms.

But dh and I had a big problem with the presentations. They really focused on pushing trades instead of college.

They had a 10 minute video on how great trades are, how much money you can […]

Baby Shower

A friend at church is pregnant, due the first week of June.

Our Girl’s Night group decided we would throw her a diaper shower, complete with big diaper cake. We thought of this back in January or February.

Someone else (that doesn’t come to Girl’s Night ‘cuz she chooses not to, not b/c she’s not […]


Everyone knows I have 2 little boys at home all day. Dean will be turning ONE in a few weeks and Pierce will be 4 in July.

This leaves me with limited time on the computer each day.

And unfortunately I’ve been distracted by Facebook. Which is why I haven’t been doing my duty upkeeping […]

New Cut & Color!!

Yesterday I had my highly anticipated appointment at my favorite salon.

I wanted to lighten it up a bit and get some fun new color in for summer and my stylist did a great job! She razored the top layers shorter, keeping the long layers. Then she put in some nice blonde streaks and some […]