To Triathlon or to Chicken Out?

One of my sisters called me today…she was wondering if I want to do a triathlon with her when we go out there (to UT) this summer.  She tried to convince me it would be lots of fun. *sigh* So now I have to decide. I’m not worried about the biking or running. It’s the […]


Everyone knows I have 2 little boys at home all day. Dean will be turning ONE in a few weeks and Pierce will be 4 in July. This leaves me with limited time on the computer each day. And unfortunately I’ve been distracted by Facebook. Which is why I haven’t been doing my duty upkeeping […]

New Cut & Color!!

Yesterday I had my highly anticipated appointment at my favorite salon. I wanted to lighten it up a bit and get some fun new color in for summer and my stylist did a great job! She razored the top layers shorter, keeping the long layers.  Then she put in some nice blonde streaks and some […]