More of the same…

Other than a new living room floor, not much new is going on here. Kinda nice, kinda boring 🙂 The carpet was cheap and ugly and I never liked it. I just needed a good excuse to get rid of it. And since we have a new-ish puppy that liked to pee in one corner […]

Migraines Suck.

If you don’t want any whine with your cheese today, this probably isn’t the post to read. You’ve been forewarned.

Today is the first day I’ve woken up without a migraine. Yay for that, I guess…kinda, in a weird, twisted way. It didn’t set in until about 10:30am. I’d forgotten what it was like to […]

There Should be a Law Against This.

I have a firm belief that it should be banned. It’s unfair, sexist, and cruel. I’m very sensitive to this problem and it’s frustrating to see happen to myself and other women. Men don’t understand and, therefore, it’s really not a big deal to them. Which makes this even more awful!

Moms shouldn’t get sick! […]

Yep…It’s Monday Alright.

You ever have one of those days, where first thing in the morning you know it’s Monday?

When things go from 0 to 60 in .01 second?

Yeah, it’s one of those days.

Mondays should be banned.

Evil Cat Story, Round 2.

I finally got to bed last night after moving ds1 out of it. (He said he was scared of the dark in his room, but the dark in my room wasn’t scary so he could sleep in there.)

I got relaxed, warm, nice and comfortable in my flannel sheets and started drifting off to sleep.


Stinkin’ Cat!

We have a kitten. She’s almost a year old and a total brat.

Yes, she’s a brat. She does things on purpose that she’s not supposed to do. She won’t let me catch her and pretends I’m her chew toy if I try.

Yesterday ds1 was eating a hot dog. He had just a bite […]

Octuplets after 6 Kids?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the woman who recently had octuplets after having 6 kids, all under 8 yrs old, 2 with disabilities. Yep, 14 kids.

At first, I thought, wow, she can handle all that? More power to her!

Then I heard the rest of the story…she’s single, living with her parents and has […]

A Taste of Spring!

The past few days’ has been awesome…just warm enough for a long-sleeve t-shirt instead of a coat or sweaters. Today’s supposed to be high 50’s-low 60’s with rain….which is way better than snow in my book.

I notice on days like this I “wake up” a bit…I think I’ve always had a bit of seasonal […]

Ornery Vent…

Our carpet was supposed to show up Thursday. Nothing.

So we figured maybe Friday. Nothing.

We were supposed to move our furniture into the new bedroom this weekend. Not anymore.


I really hate it when stuff like this happens.

On the up side, dh and I went out and bought curtains last night!! Yay!! […]

Took The Day Off.

I really try to post every weekday, but yesterday I had to take off. That migraine I had Saturday has been extremely stubborn. And my tolerance to pain killers is so high even 2 percoset didn’t kill it. Luckily it’s been downscaled from migraine to really bad headache, which is more tolerable. I’m not curled […]