My Eyebrows are Crooked…

Remember when I blew up hot eyebrow wax on my chest, neck and face? If you do, you’ll remember how it burned the heck out of me and I swore to not use the stuff again.

I’m rethinking.

I recently bought a Sally Hensen wax kit, not realizing until I got home it was the […]

Horror Movies for Toddlers?

I ran across a post on a blog recently about a parent that lets their 3 year old child watch horror movies. This person went on to describe how the child now won’t eat pumpkin because it’s afraid of them. I was shocked, so I left a quick comment about those movies not being appropriate […]

A Girl Just Can’t Win!

Have you heard the complaining about Sarah Palin’s expenses on clothes, makeup and hair? $150K on her and her family.

“The clothing purchases have raised questions about the propriety of using party money for such expenses. The Republican National Committee said the clothes belong to the committee, while John McCain’s campaign said the clothing would […]

Bad Drug Reaction!

Entrecard friends, sorry I was MIA yesterday…we had a crazy afternoon and something scary happen last night that kept me off the computer and nearly put me in the hospital.

My luck lately has not been good!

I had a very bad migraine yesterday evening and took some Exc. Migr. like normal. My sinuses were […]

Down with PETA!!!

Ok, another “Are you kidding me???” moment! This one is serious though. I was totally shocked and appalled at the hypocracy of PETA, a supposed animal-saving organization.

Read this.

I’m not much of a soapbox person, but really, this is one of those moments. News of this needs to be spread. Something’s got to be […]

Trouble w/Entrecard.

For whatever reason, I just can’t get into entrecard. I’ll keep trying so I can read & drop like normal, but if you don’t see me today, that’s why.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for the sympathy & well-wishes regarding my burn. The 1st degree ones are already healed, but the 2nd degree […]

Why, Yes, I am Stupid.

I have been so busy the last few days! Phone calls to make (various people, various places), house to clean (my parents are coming for a visit this week), kids to take care of, pets to take care of, lots of baking to do. We harvested our pumpkins and I’ve made pies, breads and muffins. […]

A Car Story.

Paul’s new car got me thinking about my first one, so I thought I’d share a piece of my past. 🙂

This is a 1968 Mercury Cougar. Not mine, but just like mine. Mine was even red. It was my brother’s when I was 15/16, but he wrecked it. It got fixed, but […]

Oh, What a Lovely Morning….

Can you just feel the sarcasm dripping down my page?? It’s there I assure you.

This morning I woke up to rain. That’s fine, I love it when it rains. But not when I have things to do.

I came downstairs and looked at Evil Furball’s stitches…and saw her intestines. Nice…gotta call the vet and […]

Doggin’ on Paul!

Ok, not really.

But have you ever been around someone who always talks bad about his/her spouse? It’s really awkward. And annoying. I always wonder, ok, why are you with this person if they’re so awful?? And why are you telling me??

We know someone, “Bob.” Bob dogs on his wife frequently. Paul recently heard […]