General Venting

So Frustrated at Technorati!

Technorati is supposed to be one of the best blog sites. They have thousands of blogs and bloggers talking about everything under the sun and more. The quality of most of the blogs is high and the people are interesting and, in most cases, friendly. And I’d like to get my blog noticed on their site more. BUT THEY WON’T UPDATE MY BLOG!! I...

September 1, 2008

I am “They.”

A new acquaintance of ours recently told us he has a friend who’s favorite saying is “I am “they.” Brilliant!…I thought. “They” are telling us how to raise our kids. “They” are tearing down the rain forests. “They” are causing pollution. “They” are causing our children to grow up faster, with clothes, music, peer pressure. “They” need to clean up the language on tv....

August 26, 2008

Headaches, Anyone?

So everyone knows I have chronic headaches with a few migraines sprinkled in there for fun. Sometimes it feels like no one really gets what an impact these have on my day-to-day life. Every day, my choice is to feel miserable and in pain, or take a few Excedrine Migr. and feel miserable and drugged. The pain pills help with the pain, but don’t...

August 21, 2008

Paranoid Driving

I was goofin’ off last night and ran into this post and couldn’t have agreed more! I’m one of the few “lucky” (or good-hee hee) ones that hasn’t ever been a car accident while driving. I was in a car *once* when the driver was hit, if that counts. I think I’m so paranoid when the kids are in the car! Even with my...

August 18, 2008

They Wanna be PC

Three optically challenged rodents, Three optically challenged rodents, They preambled over to the agriculturist’s spouse Who removed their appendages with a carving utensil, Have you ever witness such as scene in all your existence As three optically challenged rodents, Three optically challenged rodents. Don’t you love how politically correct we’ve come to be? I found this PC version of “Three Blind Mice” when I...

July 27, 2008

Very wrong.

I just find it very wrong that Paul and I can go on the same diet, eat the same foods for the same amount of time, I exercise (he doesn’t) and he loses 15 lbs and I lose 2!! Grrrr…

July 17, 2008

Managing headaches

One of the great perks of being pregnant (for me, anyway) is not having headaches for 6 months in the second and (mostly) third trimesters.  Then the pregnancy ends and the headaches come back. Why? No one knows. It’s the great mystery in my life. Headaches/migraines started when I was 16. “Have you seen a doctor?” Of course. A couple times. They found no...

July 16, 2008