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Iiiiiit’sss Friiii-daaaay!!!

😀 It’s Friday. Not Monday. Which is good. Fridays are good. Not as good as Saturdays, but better than Mondays. We have a family movie night at church tonight (Johnny Ling0-which was originally an old Mormon movie, but redone to modernize it–it’s out to rent). So that’ll be fun. Due to Pierce’s nightmare issue, he is now sleeping in the baby’s room on a...

April 17, 2009

Uh-Oh…Time to Get the Gate UP!

Baby boy learned how to crawl up stairs today!! I was sitting on the floor and knew he was there, but didn’t realize he was 2 stairs up getting a bag of plastic Easter eggs. I took him down, and of course, up he went again. And giggled at me. “Hah, mom! Look what I can do!” Oh, and now ds1 is calling him...

April 10, 2009

Easter Week in Our Home.

A few years ago, my mom sent me an Easter book. It has 7 days worth of scriptures, each day a day in Christ’s last week. So it’s like we’re walking in his footsteps for a week. Then for every day, it has activities, games, or service projects. It’s really neat. I think this will be our 4th year. On a few days (like...

April 7, 2009

Drum Roll….

Ds was playing with his drums this morning. Nothing big and major, just little kid ones. I guess he got bored and thought it would be fun to push them down the stairs. He went down one section, then laughed and got ready to push it down the next section. He then pushed and looked at my dh and said, “Look, Dad, drum roll!”...

April 4, 2009

“Someone Tickled Me!”

I’ve mentioned in the past that ds has been having nightmares. Last night was interesting. He came down and I asked him, “Did you have a nightmare?” “Someone tickled me!” “You had a dream someone tickled you?” “Can I sleep with you?” He didn’t confirm it had been a dream, so I was curious. This morning I asked him about it again. I asked...

April 2, 2009

Band and Time-Out and Squirming, Oh, My!

My parents always say their grandchildren (they have 14) keep them young. I think this only applies to grandparents. If they’re your own kids, somehow they make you older. Or feel that way, anyway! Between taking my dd to all-county band practice, to 3-yr-old time-outs and nightmares, to a very squirmy-all-over-the-place-and-crawly baby, I’m not feeling all that young! So I’ve come up with a...

March 25, 2009

Troubles with Nightmares.

My poor little guy has had nightmares time to time. Once it was alligators in the living room. But a few nights ago it was an eagle beak dancing in his room. No eagle attached, just a big, scary beak. Kinda freaky, huh? He woke up 2 nights ago and went in to his sister’s room and told her.  He climbed into her bed...

March 24, 2009

What Do You Consider Large?

A couple nights ago dh and I were discussing our trip this summer. I had been doing hotel research and noticed that many hotels’ prices were for 2 adults, 2 kids. Any more was extra. We were saying we’re gonna have to get used to that kind of stuff, since we’re planning on having 4 kids. To us, that doesn’t really seem like a...

March 20, 2009

Another Weird Text!

Dh got another weird text message a couple nights ago and sent it to my email. I’m glad he told me what it was, not just the message, or he’d have been sleeping outside in the rain and mud. Yo  im so hungry cant u bring me food now lol the other girls are eating and its maken me hungry

March 19, 2009