Anyone that knows a Rakisits (my maiden name, therefore my family on my dad’s side), knows that they have tempers and tantrums. (But not me of course!!) These are notoriously called Rak-Attacks. And they’re usually rather sizeable. Anyone that knows Pierce knows he can throw a wild fit. Totally out of the blue. Well, I […]


While we were on vacation, we took the kids to the local aquarium. It also happened to be “Shark Week”, for the 21st consecutive year, so the emphasis was on sharks there. There were shark statistics, one being 22 people were injured on the toilet; the same year there were 6 injuries caused by sharks. […]

To the Beach

As the Wonder Pets would say, “We’re going to the beach, the beach, the beach.” For his birthday, Pierce got a dvd player from Paul and me, and dvd’s from everyone, so he’ll have movies to watch if he gets too bored on the way there. I think he’ll enjoy the drive, though. Dean’s very […]


I find this very interesting, though I don’t really believe in coincidences. I totally believe things happen and we meet people for reasons; everything has its purpose in life and we just need to find it. Anyway…my pregnancy with my #1 was easy. Not a lot of pains, morning sickness was over everyday at the […]