Fundraiser FHE Chart

As a fundraiser for our adoption, I’m making Family Home Evening charts to sell.

For those who don’t know what that is, our church asks families to set aside one night a week to hold Family Home Evening. That time is meant for families to be together to talk, have fun, read scriptures or anything that bonds families closer.

We were struggling with this so I went online to try to find a chart that I liked and then I made my own, blending a few ideas together.  It’s been a great thing for our family and I thought, “Hmmm…raise money, help others! Perfect!”

And you don’t need to be “Mormon” to do it, either. Consider it a “Family Activity Night” or a “Family Movie Night” or whatever you like to do! If you’re thinking, well, we do that anyway…why have a chart or a designated night? My answer is this…because it truly will pull you closer together. Family becomes more of a priority. Just try it…you’ll see 🙂

So now I’m making and selling them to others. You can customize the shape, the size & colors to make it match your family’s needs. Here’s a few examples of ones I’ve done.