No DD Tonight!

One of my dd’s really good friends is having a b-day party/sleepover tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these…either host one or go to one. So she’s really excited. I told dh yesterday…ok, 1 down, 2 to go!! lol Of course I wouldn’t give anyone the baby overnight yet…he’s a good baby but I wouldn’t want him to worry...

April 3, 2009

“Someone Tickled Me!”

I’ve mentioned in the past that ds has been having nightmares. Last night was interesting. He came down and I asked him, “Did you have a nightmare?” “Someone tickled me!” “You had a dream someone tickled you?” “Can I sleep with you?” He didn’t confirm it had been a dream, so I was curious. This morning I asked him about it again. I asked...

April 2, 2009

Just One Trick Today.

Naturally, it being April Fool’s Day, I had to do something to somebody. My dd and I were discussing this last night so it was on her mind this morning. So she was out. And the boys are too little. And my mom’s in Florida for a week so she was out. That left my dh. So I played it cool and mild. “Hey,...

April 1, 2009

About Me Tag!

Chele from The Watson’s Random-ness tagged me for a fun tag so here I go! 3 Things… Names I go by Signe Mom Weed (no, i don’t smoke it) Jobs I’ve had Harry & David Johnston & Murphy construction job site Places I’ve lived Shows I watch AI CSI Ugly Betty Places I’ve been OBX Cancun Pleasure Island in FL Places I want to...

March 31, 2009

There Should be a Law Against This.

I have a firm belief that it should be banned. It’s unfair, sexist, and cruel. I’m very sensitive to this problem and it’s frustrating to see happen to myself and other women.  Men don’t understand and, therefore, it’s really not a big deal to them. Which makes this even more awful! Moms shouldn’t get sick! Like we don’t have enough to do. Add a...

March 30, 2009

Redneck Friday

Sadly (or funnily) some of these apply to my family though I won’t go into detail. You take a load to the dump and bring back more than you took.  dad You ever cut your grass and found a car. dad The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your wife. You think taking a bubble bath starts with eating beans...

March 27, 2009

Band and Time-Out and Squirming, Oh, My!

My parents always say their grandchildren (they have 14) keep them young. I think this only applies to grandparents. If they’re your own kids, somehow they make you older. Or feel that way, anyway! Between taking my dd to all-county band practice, to 3-yr-old time-outs and nightmares, to a very squirmy-all-over-the-place-and-crawly baby, I’m not feeling all that young! So I’ve come up with a...

March 25, 2009

Troubles with Nightmares.

My poor little guy has had nightmares time to time. Once it was alligators in the living room. But a few nights ago it was an eagle beak dancing in his room. No eagle attached, just a big, scary beak. Kinda freaky, huh? He woke up 2 nights ago and went in to his sister’s room and told her.  He climbed into her bed...

March 24, 2009

White Moose

There’s been a lot going on in my head lately and that’s why I’ve been slacking on the blog/Entrecard lately. My dd sent me some cool pics so I thought I’d pop one up real quick until I get a chance to get more time on here.

March 23, 2009

What Do You Consider Large?

A couple nights ago dh and I were discussing our trip this summer. I had been doing hotel research and noticed that many hotels’ prices were for 2 adults, 2 kids. Any more was extra. We were saying we’re gonna have to get used to that kind of stuff, since we’re planning on having 4 kids. To us, that doesn’t really seem like a...

March 20, 2009