Fingerprinting…last of the big Home Study stuff.

So tomorrow Paul & I are going to go get our FBI & state fingerprinting done. We have to clear the background check, which won’t be any problem at all. Paul’s had so many security clearances done and they’ve checked me out, being his wife. Plus there’s nothing terribly interesting anyway 😉 This is the last of the home study big stuff…all we have...

March 31, 2010

Adoption Update!

Sooooo….we finally heard back from the adoption agency! They accepted our application…exciting and nerve-wracking. Our home study agency is great, too…lots of paperwork, but they’ve been very gracious about all my questions 😀 We’re almost done with the home study paperwork…we’re waiting on a doctor’s appointment and some birth certificates to come back, driving records & marriage license to come back. And we have...

March 25, 2010

Yard Sale!!

So to raise money for the adoption, one of the things we’re going to do is hold a yard sale. Paul said I can sell what I want (Yay!!) so the baby boy clothes and all the baby stuff is going. We told the agency we want a girl under 2, but are a little flexible, so I’m pretty sure we’ll get a baby...

March 17, 2010


Today I started teaching Pierce how to write his name. We’re starting easy, just the first 2 letters, and adding a letter a day. I forgot how challenging it can be to teach a kid something so simple! I’m not the type of person who pushes very early education…I think kids need opportunities to learn but they need to have time to still just...

March 14, 2010

Application/Agency Number 2!!

So thanks for the well-wishes and prayers. I think it worked 🙂 I found another agency, whose time line is quite a bit faster than the first one. I called to make sure they accept Mormons and I got a chance to ask a number of questions. The woman that I spoke to was super friendly and knowledgeable and didn’t seem annoyed at all...

March 12, 2010


We finally received word from the agency we chose. We were denied. They said the group they work with in Ethiopia does not accept applications from Mormons. They have the right to decide of course, but with so many children that need a home, I don’t think it’s right to base a decision by a church the applicant belongs to. So we did a...

March 10, 2010

Interesting Things in Interesting Places…

We’ve taught our kids when they’re done with a dish, to load it in the dishwasher. As soon as they understand language, that’s one thing they learn. Same with throwing trash in the trash can. Dean loves watching me do laundry. He loves throwing clothes in the washer. So today our darling 21-month-old decided to put a few ideas together. He put a couple...

March 4, 2010

Big Week!

So this week is gonna be a little….interesting. Life should be taking a turn, in every area of life. We’re hoping to hear back from the Agency we were interested in adopting through. I hope to hear they’ve accepted our application and we can move on to phase 2 (of a million). Paul got a new position in church, one with more responsibility. He’s...

March 2, 2010

Good Question!!

I was sent this email and thought it was funny, so I had to share 🙂 Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self help section?”  She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose. What if there were no hypothetical questions? If a deaf child signs...

February 24, 2010

Bleach is Good…

…for my headache, apparently. Bleached the shower, headache went away! Guess the braincells I killed were the ones hurtin’…guess I should be careful how often I do that. #35

February 19, 2010