Application/Agency Number 2!!

So thanks for the well-wishes and prayers. I think it worked 🙂 I found another agency, whose time line is quite a bit faster than the first one. I called to make sure they accept Mormons and I got a chance to ask a number of questions. The woman that I spoke to was super friendly and knowledgeable and didn’t seem annoyed at all...

March 12, 2010


We finally received word from the agency we chose. We were denied. They said the group they work with in Ethiopia does not accept applications from Mormons. They have the right to decide of course, but with so many children that need a home, I don’t think it’s right to base a decision by a church the applicant belongs to. So we did a...

March 10, 2010

BIG News!

So after much thought, prayers and consideration, Paul and I have decided that we’re going to adopt! We don’t feel our family is complete quite yet and trying-to-conceive hasn’t worked out. We’re in the process of picking an agency and we’re just hoping and praying we get accepted and can be on-the-way through the process soon. It’ll take a while, a “hurry up and...

February 1, 2010