Yesterday I ended up taking the boys to the dr…ds1 has croup. Dean’s illness is just a passing virus every other kid has. Kids shouldn’t have to get sick!

My bday dinner was good…I made honey-orange duck and broccoli and potatoes with cheese sauce and a cake, of course.

Dh got me a Wii Fit!! […]

Yay Me! and a Tag.

Today’s my birthday! Yay me 😀

How old am I? I’m 30. Yep, the big 3-0. No more 20’s. I’m on my way now to 40! Terrifying thought 😉

Dad to Two tagged me with Random Things, and I figured today would be a good day to do it. He had 2 given to him, […]

2nd Post for Tuesday!

I forgot to mention…today is my dd’s 11th birthday!!

She was induced 3 weeks early due to complications. I had gone into the hospital for ultrasound and they said, Ok, this baby is coming out today!

I called into work and told my boss I wouldn’t be in that night to do inventory. He was […]