Chris LeDoux


I sent an email to the Chris LeDoux fan club, asking him how much he thinks the shirt would be worth. Not that I intend to sell it, just curious. He wrote back and told me he thought it would be “priceless…” Huh?? How does that help? There’s a few¬† things that could mean. He was being condescending. “Oh, yes, your precious shirt is...

February 6, 2009

LeDoux Shirt!

Since we’ve moved into our new closets, I figured now would be a good time to toss the old clothes we don’t wear…we’ve got 2 boxes! Now I’ve got to get them out of the living room. Sigh. Always something. My dd was in my closet yesterday and said, “You’ve got a flame shirt?” It’s a button-down shirt with black at the bottom and...

February 5, 2009