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I’m Done!!

Wa-hoo, I’m done with my Christmas shopping!! Dh, the kids, my parents and dh’s are all done! Dh has his sister/bil left to do, but that shouldn’t take long. He likes to do his shopping on line; he hates the crowds this time of year. I’m sure there might be something to buy or someone that pops up between now and Christmas, but the...

November 23, 2008

New Topics.

Thanks to those who commented in my venting the last couple days. It’s great to hear what others have had to say. Yesterday I had an extremely wicked migraine, one I just couldn’t shake, despite a cocktail of Excedrine Migr, extra strength Tylenol and my favorite, Percoset. Hopefully it’ll clear up today. I hope any of you that live in CA are out of...

November 16, 2008

It’s All in the Parenting.

Robin has an interesting post that made me decide to write this one. His point is right on. My husband and I have always discussed getting a gun for the house. I grew up in Texas where everyone and their dog and the dog’s fleas have guns. Babies pack pistols in their diapers and toddlers shove a shotgun into their diaper bag. My dad...

November 8, 2008

Party Pics.

So here’s the pics of us at the church Halloween party. Our Little Pirate. Lovely Cleopatra. Dracula and Baby Pumpkin. And lastly, the Queen of the Underworld.

October 30, 2008

Halloween Party!

Last night our church held its annual Halloween party. The traditional dinner is pot-luck chili and cornbread followed by trunk-or-treat, except it was raining so we just did the candy inside. The kids always dress up, and sometimes adults do, too. It’s always fun. Our dd was Cleopatra, ds1 was a pirate, and the baby was a pumpkin. They were all really cute, if...

October 29, 2008

Pics of Room!

So here’s the room, before and after. One room down, 2 to go (and a bathroom)! In the before pic, the floor really was all splotchy and uneven…it wasn’t dirt. My dd has been sleeping in her brother’s room during all this…sometimes in his bed, sometimes on the floor (thick futon mattress). Either one can be in either place at any given time. It’s...

October 21, 2008

A Tornado Hit My House.

Ok, not really. Catchy title, though, right? My house just LOOKS like it’s been hit by a tornado. And at this point, it would be easier to deal with. My parents are here visiting for a week and a few days. So all their stuff is around. Which is fine…I’m used to that part. *back story= When we first got our dog, he went...

October 15, 2008

A Conference Talk.

During LDS church General Conference yesterday, one of the men who spoke said something I really liked. As a kid, he came home from from a football game; his team lost and he was upset. He told his mom, looking for sympathy, and she told him, “Come what may, and love it.” Over the years he’s come to understand that statement. It doesn’t mean...

October 5, 2008

So Thankful.

Lately we’ve decided to cut back on our spending. We’ve cut Rhapsody, Starz movie channels, groceries (splurges/unnecessary stuff), and this week car payments. How? We traded in Paul’s ’02 Altima to a ’04 Corolla S. Trading cut not only car payments, but gas (yay!) as well. On our way home from the dealership, we stopped and got milk.  I remarked to Paul, “You realize...

September 28, 2008

Economic Scare(y).

The rumor is Washington Mutual went under because of a run on the bank yesterday. Word on the ‘net is that there have been a few other runs around the country. Sound familiar? The government is trying not to say the word “depression”…instead they’re saying “recession.” Recession as in bald guy or just receding hair line? We learned about the Great Depression in the...

September 27, 2008