Kids & Family

Updated Fam Pics!

I decided to (finally!) update some family pics…some of them are from our vacation to the OBX this summer and some are just around the house. I can’t possibly add them all; there’s literally hundreds. We take tons of pics of the kids. So these ones are some of my faves. Hope you enjoy!

September 8, 2008


I sat down to write something and just couldn’t find anything to say. I’ve done the bit of politics (that’s as far as I get!), the animal posts (LOVE animals), the kid post (Halloween)…. So I guess I’ll just ramble for a bit. Hope you don’t get bored! I love this season. I love the holidays coming up; decorating, something to look forward to,...

September 6, 2008

Palin vs. the “Can’t Do All” Dems

So now in the political realm there’s a big stink about Sarah Palin running because she has kids. Since when did the Democrats think women should stay at home all the time??  They’ve held a strong point of women being able to work and raise a family. It’s typically Repubs that have the conservative view of women staying home with kids. One example they’re...

September 3, 2008

Exercise & Weight Loss Goals

Two weeks ago, I decided to get serious with losing weight. *sigh* My goal is to lose 1 pound a week…I set it low because my time is limited. I don’t have a big chunk of time during the day to devote to any one thing…Dean cries, or Pierce wants attention, etc. I wanted to set something I could accomplish. So I figure, from...

August 19, 2008

Predictability = Stability

Every night since Dean was born, we’ve wrapped him in a special blanket made for swaddling. He ends up looking like a cute little baby burrito, hands by his side. At 2 months old, he begins to get fussy in the evenings starting about 8:45pm. He’s ready to get ready for bed. I wrap him up and immediately he quiets down. It’s like turning...

August 16, 2008