Daughter’s Home.

My daughter got off the airplane at midnight and home about 2:30am. Lucky for me, dh is the dropper-picker-upper at airports. I don’t like the traffic and he doesn’t mind much.

So this morning Pierce went up and jumped on her to wake her up 😀 He’s so happy his sister is home. And she’s […]

No More Crib!!

Dean loves beds. As in nice mattresses and big fluffy pillows. He gets on beds and rolls around, laughing and is just generally hilarious.

Every night we put him in his crib. And you know how cribs are…firm, flat mattress, nothing allowed in the crib other than baby.

So every night he would wake up […]

Soccer Registration Today!

Today is registration for fall soccer. Gab missed the deadline last year but she played the 2 years before. She’s excited to get back in the game.

And the extra-exciting part is, Pierce is old enough to play!! He made the age cut off by 6 days…we were so close to not getting him in […]

Almost off the Bottle!

Baby boy is 10 1/2 months and I’m finally getting him off the bottle. I’ve tried before a few times, just giving him a cup, but this time I decided it was final.

Last week I put apple juice in a cup and still let him have the bottle for milk. After a week of […]

Iiiiiit’sss Friiii-daaaay!!!


It’s Friday. Not Monday. Which is good. Fridays are good. Not as good as Saturdays, but better than Mondays.

We have a family movie night at church tonight (Johnny Ling0-which was originally an old Mormon movie, but redone to modernize it–it’s out to rent). So that’ll be fun.

Due to Pierce’s nightmare issue, he […]

Uh-Oh…Time to Get the Gate UP!

Baby boy learned how to crawl up stairs today!! I was sitting on the floor and knew he was there, but didn’t realize he was 2 stairs up getting a bag of plastic Easter eggs.

I took him down, and of course, up he went again. And giggled at me. “Hah, mom! Look what I […]

Entirely Too Busy.

A couple days ago I posted writing was getting dry.

Life, however, has been so busy.

Yesterday I had to take dh an hour away to a doctor…minor thing, but he was in the hospital (to get the procedure done) from 7:45 to noon. We left the house at 6:15 am. We grabbed lunch on […]

Drum Roll….

Ds was playing with his drums this morning. Nothing big and major, just little kid ones.

I guess he got bored and thought it would be fun to push them down the stairs.

He went down one section, then laughed and got ready to push it down the next section.

He then pushed and looked […]

“Someone Tickled Me!”

I’ve mentioned in the past that ds has been having nightmares.

Last night was interesting.

He came down and I asked him, “Did you have a nightmare?”

“Someone tickled me!”

“You had a dream someone tickled you?” “Can I sleep with you?”

He didn’t confirm it had been a dream, so I was curious. This […]

There Should be a Law Against This.

I have a firm belief that it should be banned. It’s unfair, sexist, and cruel. I’m very sensitive to this problem and it’s frustrating to see happen to myself and other women. Men don’t understand and, therefore, it’s really not a big deal to them. Which makes this even more awful!

Moms shouldn’t get sick! […]