A Night at Gabby Spas!

Sunday, coming home from church, my dd told me she thought it would be nice to treat her dad to a back rub that night. My husband loves massages of any kind, so I knew he’d go for it in a heartbeat. When we got home, she told me she wanted to turn the living room into a spa room. I said no, the...

February 17, 2009

Octuplets after 6 Kids?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the woman who recently had octuplets after having 6 kids, all under 8 yrs old, 2 with disabilities. Yep, 14 kids. At first, I thought, wow, she can handle all that? More power to her! Then I heard the rest of the story…she’s single, living with her parents and has no job. She said she’s not receiving government help,...

Daughter Drama.

We’re moved into the new master bedroom/closets now, 90% anyway…dh has to get his dresser down and we just have to clean up a bit. He got the curtains hung and they look great. So exciting! Now to my main thought… I’m really surprised how focused kids are at my dd’s age (11) on themselves and their small view of the world. Naturally, it’s...

February 4, 2009

2nd Post for Tuesday!

I forgot to mention…today is my dd’s 11th birthday!! She was induced 3 weeks early due to complications. I had gone into the hospital for ultrasound and they said, Ok, this baby is coming out today! I called into work and told my boss I wouldn’t be in that night to do inventory. He was not happy until I told  him what was going...

January 6, 2009

What a Day!

Good news and bad news…which do you want first? Ok, bad news to get it over with…Dean woke up with a slight runny nose.  So he wasn’t a happy boy to begin with yesterday. Then off to the dr for shots. Didn’t help with the fussiness much. My day was spent on the couch holding a sad baby 🙁  Hopefully he’ll feel better today....

December 23, 2008

Scary Thing!

Pierce (my 3 yr old) nearly killed himself yesterday. We were all up in my room; I was getting dressed. Dean (baby) was on the bed and I was at the foot. Pierce was pulling a drawer out of hubby’s dresser to see what was in it. I turned around just in time to see the dresser, tv, and all that was on it...

December 9, 2008

Spoiled vs. Spoiled Rotten.

Glue4Families has a great post about spoiling kids. And I thought of a lot of things to say, so I figured I ought to just post it all instead of dragging her blog down 😉 My kids are definitely spoiled. They have so much stuff it’s crazy; more than what they need. Our son regularly gets new little cars, just because he likes them...

November 26, 2008

Do You Know This Drug?

I recently heard about this new drug, salvia. It’s legal in 43 states and is being compared to LSD. (not to be confused with my religion, LDS 😀  )  I looked it up on wikipedia, so if you’re clueless, like me, check this out. It’s a hallucinogen from Mexico. Apparently it’s really easy to find, and being legal, anyone can buy it.  Teens are...

November 13, 2008

What Do You Think?

Ok, I’m going to post a topic I find interesting. But I want to say now, that immature and personally attacking comments will not be tolerated. This is meant to be an intelligent discussion, and if you can’t play like an adult, don’t try. I recently watched a show that talked about gender identity disorder. This is when a person, child in this case,...

November 6, 2008

Our “Oh, so fun!” Weekend.

Friday started out good…Dh took me out to lunch at my fave restaurant. Then we had plans to get new blinds for our dd’s room (the one we redid). But we must have miscalculated the time because when we were done with lunch, I realized I had to rush to get to dd’s school. They were having their Halloween parade and party (costumes and...

November 2, 2008