Childhood Memories, Part 2.

Remembering all the stuff we did as kids that was questionable or crazy, I realized I had to add a “part 2.” So if you weren’t totally bored yesterday, I hope you enjoy this. A common practice growing up was to “pants” each other. You know, go up to someone and just yank down on their pants (when they had an elastic band obviously)....

October 7, 2008

Childhood Memories.

I’ve been reading some pretty funny stuff from my friends on my blogroll (shameless?) so I thought I’d share some things I did as a kid. I’m the youngest of 5 and we grew up in a very big house. The front foyer was totally open, so it was 2 stories. In that room was a staircase that split off to 2 sides of...

October 6, 2008