“Someone Tickled Me!”

I’ve mentioned in the past that ds has been having nightmares. Last night was interesting. He came down and I asked him, “Did you have a nightmare?” “Someone tickled me!” “You had a dream someone tickled you?” “Can I sleep with you?” He didn’t confirm it had been a dream, so I was curious. This morning I asked him about it again. I asked...

April 2, 2009

Troubles with Nightmares.

My poor little guy has had nightmares time to time. Once it was alligators in the living room. But a few nights ago it was an eagle beak dancing in his room. No eagle attached, just a big, scary beak. Kinda freaky, huh? He woke up 2 nights ago and went in to his sister’s room and told her.  He climbed into her bed...

March 24, 2009