I have a weakish stomach. Certain body fluids really make me cringe, gag, dry heave, etc. Like my husband or kids or anyone else blowing their nose. Or seeing someone spit. Bloody noses. If it’s my kid (a little one) it’s easier. But once they hit 3-4 yrs old, it’s over for me. And if it’s someone else’s kid, forget it. Pets really get...

March 13, 2009

Evil Cat Story, Round 2.

I finally got to bed last night after moving ds1 out of it.  (He said he was scared of the dark in his room, but the dark in my room wasn’t scary so he could sleep in there.) I got relaxed, warm, nice and comfortable in my flannel sheets and started drifting off to sleep. Then The Brat decided it was time to play....

March 11, 2009

Stinkin’ Cat!

We have a kitten. She’s almost a year old and a total brat. Yes, she’s a brat. She does things on purpose that she’s not supposed to do. She won’t let me catch her and pretends I’m  her chew toy if I try. Yesterday ds1 was eating a hot dog. He had just a bite left and put it down on the coffee table...

March 10, 2009

Apparently Not Complicated Enough…

I’ve noticed that just when life begins to settle down a bit, something happens to complicate it. My husband was coming home last night and saw a dog wandering around near his work. He drove past it to come home, but that twinge of  “aw, poor thing” went through his head and he turned around and picked it up. The area where he found...

December 30, 2008

Down with PETA!!!

Ok, another “Are you kidding me???” moment! This one is serious though. I was totally shocked and appalled at the hypocracy of PETA, a supposed animal-saving organization. Read this. I’m not much of a soapbox person, but really, this is one of those moments. News of this needs to be spread. Something’s got to be done. This needs to be brought out in the...

October 12, 2008

Not My Chicken.

You know those stories of dog-saving-owner? Check this out. An Arizona German shepherd named Buddy has called 911 3 times! His owner has seizures, so he was trained to call for help.  His owner Joe Stalnaker adopted him at 8 weeks from a Michigan Paws with a Cause, an organization that trains for special-needs owners. The dog is now 18 months old, and can...

September 26, 2008

Time to Duct Tape the Cat.

That Evil Furball….So we ended up taking her back to the vet, who put 5 staples in her to keep her put together. She’s chewed out 2 1/2. How does she do this??? Doesn’t it hurt? Guess we’ll have to duct tape her after all.

September 15, 2008

Oh, What a Lovely Morning….

Can you just feel the sarcasm dripping down my page?? It’s there I assure you. This morning I woke up to rain. That’s fine, I love it when it rains.  But not when I have things to do. I came downstairs and looked at Evil Furball’s stitches…and saw her intestines. Nice…gotta call the vet and get her restitched. But first, I had to get...

September 12, 2008

We Have Evil.

😀 Knew you’d look. I picked up our kitten, Jasmine, aka Evil Furball, up from the vet yesterday. As rotten as she can be, I feel bad for her! We had her spayed, declawed, feline leukemia tested, and 4 shots done. She’s up and walking, but not the happiest cat I’ve seen! But we’ll all be better for it…she won’t get squirted for scratching...

September 12, 2008


Another sister sent me a great email she thought would make a good post, and I agreed. This is a story about a dog who was condemned to die but was rescued. He was born with 2 good legs (his back 2) and a bad front leg that was amputated. The original owners didn’t think the dog could survive,  so they were going to...

September 5, 2008