Watching China

We’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics in our house since it started. I’ve been surprised how much our family has been sucked into the games! I’ve been watching sports I never thought I’d watch (table tennis, archery, fencing, dressage, etc).

I’ve kept a close eye on the Chinese teams in particular (after the […]


I really, really find something I read today amusing. 😀

Barack Obama’s new book, “Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama‘s Plan to Renew America’s Promise”, is coming out Sept. 9th. This is a policy book! Hah!

I find this amusing because now we have a book to pull out when a Dem flip-flops on […]

What’s Next with China?

There’s much speculation about China around these Olympics. China is notoriously closed-minded to the outside world in many ways. They have magnificent technology, as we all know…think back to the opening ceremonies on the 8th with that huge LED screen on the ground. And they’re open to tourism…I definitely would LOVE to go to China. […]

Olympics Today!

The Olympics begin today in Beijing! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the games. Gab and I watched some of the diving and gymnastic trials awhile back and it was truly amazing to see these athletes. The dedication and work they put into their sport is quite impressive.

I love the stadium recently […]

They Wanna be PC

Three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents,

They preambled over to the agriculturist’s spouse

Who removed their appendages with a carving utensil,

Have you ever witness such as scene in all your existence

As three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents.

Don’t you love how politically correct we’ve come to be? I found […]