Olympics Today!

The Olympics begin today in Beijing! I’m really looking forward to seeing some of the games. Gab and I watched some of the diving and gymnastic trials awhile back and it was truly amazing to see these athletes. The dedication and work they put into their sport is quite impressive.

I love the stadium recently […]

They Wanna be PC

Three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents,

They preambled over to the agriculturist’s spouse

Who removed their appendages with a carving utensil,

Have you ever witness such as scene in all your existence

As three optically challenged rodents,

Three optically challenged rodents.

Don’t you love how politically correct we’ve come to be? I found […]

Babies & Nightmares

Reading on the message boards recently, someone asked if newborns have nightmares. I thought it was an interesting question.

On one hand, they have working brains and gain experience and memories throughout the day.

On the other, I don’t think they have much imagination. And if they’re in a solid, happy, safe and secure home, […]

Fragility of Situation

I called one of my sisters today to catch up on life. She began telling me about work-related stresses they had last week. She and her husband own their own business and, therefore, have the occasional up-and-downs associated with doing so. Well, last week “Jane”, an employee for a competitor, sent out libelous letters to […]

Thoughts on Mortality

I’ve always been one to think about mortality. I think this was ingrained into me by Grandpa R. He always said, “Life is just too short.” “See that picture of me there? I was young then. Now I’m an old fart.” “It’s hard getting old. I don’t feel older; I just look it.” “Getting old […]

Preschool and Homeschooling

Pierce will be 3 next week and I hear people around me talking about preschool already. Why? What’s the rush? Why do parents feel the need to get the child out of the home and into school at 3 years old? Isn’t home supposed to be the ultimate learning zone? Are parents just anxious to […]