Back From Vacay!

It’s amazing how quickly 2 weeks and a few days can go by! It seemed like every day was over before it began.

We stayed in Wyoming with my parents for a few days first. They have 2 llamas, 2 mini horses and 2 big horses and a bunch of sheep. And a few dogs […]

We Mapped our Road Trip!

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re planning a road trip out to Wyoming and Utah this summer. The kids and I are really excited. Dh is stressing.

We’ve got 2 stops overnight on the way out there, around Indianapolis/Danville then in Omaha. I’m looking for a way to cut expenses. Same with on the way back.


It’s Official…I AM Crazy.

We’re planning our summer vacation trip. Yeah, we have to plan now because my parents and a brother/his family want to go to Nauvoo, IL on our way back from Wyoming/Utah (where all my family lives, where our main vacation will be). So they have to get time off from work to plan the Nauvoo […]