We’re Adopting!!

Paul and I decided to adopt recently, after dealing with infertility issues (for the second time). It’s a very difficult thing and going through it the first time (for 2 1/2 years) was bad and feltĀ  a year and a half was long enough the second time around.

After much thought and prayers, we finally decided to look to Ethiopia, a country with a rich heritage and high needs. I’ll be updating our process as things go on and really look forward to posting a picture of our 4th (and final) child someday.

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  1. Hey Paul & Signe–

    How very cool. We have some friends in IL who’ve adopted through Ethiopia a few years back…they wound up with a brother and sister, who were I think around 6 and 9 when they arrived.

    I can’t tell when this post went ‘live’ (and this is my first time reading your blog, Signe), so I’m not sure how long you’ve been in the process, but I know it was fairly long and drawn out for them (which isn’t to say it wasn’t worth it or anything)…I hope things fall into place well for you!

    Take care!


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