Home Improvement

Living Room Pics

Here’s the before and after! The wood on the wall to the left is where the hall to the addition is. Of course, this is what was under the wood paneling and ceiling tiles. The space behind the couches was where 2 windows were (where the addition is now). Left wall is opposite to previous shot. Here’s the after! Wall opposite to previous shot....

January 25, 2009

Messy Yard.

Our back yard is a huge mess! There’s a massive pile of dirt and a big hole! Yep, our addition is beginning finally!! I’m stoked. Today the concrete is coming. Our 3 yr old is loving the big tractors and is excited for the concrete mixer…that’s how we got him to go to bed last night. We told him he’d need to get good...

November 20, 2008

Pics of Room!

So here’s the room, before and after. One room down, 2 to go (and a bathroom)! In the before pic, the floor really was all splotchy and uneven…it wasn’t dirt. My dd has been sleeping in her brother’s room during all this…sometimes in his bed, sometimes on the floor (thick futon mattress). Either one can be in either place at any given time. It’s...

October 21, 2008