Why I Blog Like I Do

As I get more into the blogging realm, I see there are so many niche writers and blogs. Some are about food, some political, some are techy, some are about parenting, etc.

Mine is obviously all over the place. It may seem sporadic, topic-wise, but there’s a reason for it. And there are general topics on the left column if you’re looking for something specific.

My kids are a huge part of my life, but they’re an addition. My migraines and headaches are a daily issue, but I work around them. I follow politics, but I’m not political. I cook every day, but sometimes it’s frozen pizza. I adore my husband, but I don’t think he’d want me to write about everything he says and does all day.

As time goes on, the blog will grow and there will be more written in each category. Then it will all come together.