So Tired of sNOOOw!

Yes, I’m going to discuss the weather.

If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve noticed that it’s been snowing a bit here on the east coast. And by “a bit” I really mean WAY TOO MUCH.  We’ve had 2 big storms and lots of flurry days.

I just feel sorry for our chickens. Normally they get to go out in their yard, but with 2 1/2 feet of ice/snow, they’re stuck in their house. Poor things are so bored!! Every time I go out there, they come running to the door to see me, hoping for treats (which they get every day) and some break from the monotony.

I really do try not to complain…they way I look at it and tell Gabby, is this…what if we’re going to have a very dry summer or a drought? And this snow is a blessing in disguise, filling our well so we don’t run out of water? We just never know what’s in store in our future and we just need to take what comes and try to see the silver lining.

That being said, I’m still ready for spring!!!!!