Back to School Again!

Summers go by entirely too fast in our house.

Gab’s starting to settle into her classroom and new teacher. She’s excited for this new year; she got the teacher she wanted and it’s her last year of elementary! There were a couple girls she got catty with last year, but she’s happy they’re in the other class…makes both our lives easier!  She’s still planning to be in band, AEP (academic enrichment program–an advanced group), and soccer. Another busy year!

Two more years and it’ll be the Pierce’s turn! 🙁

She went outside yesterday to get on the bus and Cooper (dog) was already out. He watched her like a hawk, pacing the yard, squeaking and barking a little. We have never seen this side of him, so it was very interesting. When the bus picked her up, he freaked! He was squealing, squeaking, barking, then ran to the door. I let him in and he kept it up for awhile. It was obvious he was trying to say, “She’s gone! Come out!” So while he may not be a foaming-at-the-mouth-bite-your-head-off guard dog, he certainly keeps an eye on the kids.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new year…we’ve got some great things planned!