Book Club!

My sil suggested awhile back starting a book club. Shortly after that, a friend of mine started one.  Nice timing. She suggested a book called “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.” My friend said she couldn’t put it down, it was so good. And I remembered it was going to be turned into a movie.

I read all the summaries on/in the book cover and discussed the book with my husband. It sounded rather depressing. That’s as far into the book as I got.

It’s about a doctor who’s wife goes into labor with twins. The son is born fine, with no problems. The daughter is born with Down’s. The husband tells his nurse/assistant to take the daughter to an institution. Then he tells his wife her daughter died. Then the book goes on to tell of the difficulties they have as a couple and the woman’s depression after “losing” her daughter. And the son grows up without much of his mom’s involvement.

How is this supposed to be good?? I don’t want to be depressed reading a book where a family is torn apart emotionally due to some stupid man’s stupid lie. My point to reading any book is to learn something (non-fiction) or to be uplifted or entertained (religion or mystery–Agatha Christie).

So what was I supposed to get out of this book? If anyone’s read it feel free to share.

Hopefully next month’s will be better.

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  • lis

    Hi Signe, thanks for the comment…gee! you also love reading for fun and entertainment…I do read non-fiction, in fact so crazy about it before the arrival of my son…but now…I lost track of my favorite authors sequels and best sellers…I have another way of making myself occupied tho pressured…my family. Take care!

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  • I haven’t read that book before. I’m reading he second book in the Twilight series right now. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :o)

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  • I used to read a lot and hadn’t for a number of years but decided to get back into it again about a year ago. My problem is that once I start reading I find it hard putting a book down. A friend of mine loaned me several books by John Grisham and I’m working my way through them at the moment. Several of his books have been made into movies – the Pelican Brief and Runaway Jury are two examples.

    Robins last blog post..Being Spontaneous

  • I read this book and saw the movie. Personally, I didn’t really care for it all that much. My husband read it first and told me how good it was. I thought it was okay but really couldn’t stand that husband for lying to his wife all those years and making such a huge decision about their baby without even discussing it. I really wasn’t depressed by it, but rather found it to be sort of intriguing. It resembles a soap opera if you like that sort of thing.

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”s last blog post..Cleveland Browns Disappoint Again!

  • I heard it was a very good book. I read a lot to be entertained, though.

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  • Robin: John Grisham’s great…I’ve read quite a few of his. Paul got me hooked.
    Karen: Makes sense…it sounds like a soap!
    Becki: I wish I could read more…just seems like the more kids I have the less time I have to read! Go figure 😉
    Tammy: I’ll have to check them out…I hadn’t heard of them before.
    Lis: Yep, Sounds familiar!

  • Thank you for reminding me of that point of view. Great minds think alike!!! I\’m going to link to your site on my blogroll.