I am “They.”

A new acquaintance of ours recently told us he has a friend who’s favorite saying is “I am “they.” Brilliant!…I thought.

“They” are telling us how to raise our kids. “They” are tearing down the rain forests. “They” are causing pollution. “They” are causing our children to grow up faster, with clothes, music, peer pressure. “They” need to clean up the language on tv. “They” need to write to their congressman for change.

WE are “they.” YOU are “they.” Each one of us has the power to make a change; to do something positive in our lives and for those around us. We are responsible for our lives, to not blame something on someone else. If I don’t like the clothes the department store is trying to sell my daughter, I have the power to choose another store and not buy what is there. If I don’t like the shows on tv directed at my son, I have the power to turn it off. “They” don’t make the rules for my kids…I do.

You and I make up “society.” If “society” dictates music for our kids, you and I dictate music for our kids. If we don’t like it, we don’t have to conform, we can drive society!

Some of the most profitable movies that have come out of Hollywood have been family-rated movies..think Shrek, E.T., and Lion King. “They” made these movies profitable.

So, next time you want to blame something on “society” or “they”, remember….I am “they.